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Bundle of Books Inc, NFP, is a not-for-profit organization that brings literature to children between 0-3 years old, by increasing Mommy and Baby bonding experiences through mentoring partnerships.



First-time Moms and the lives of Mommies can be chaotic and they may feel like they are carrying the world on their shoulders. Mommy and Me Resources provide answers to questions that sometimes cannot be answered by yourself; YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Here we provide a little help that may go a long way.

Mother and Baby on Floor

The Bundle of Books Store has the products you want and need. With our store logo you will find baby bibs, toddler T's, onesies, and Mommy and things. Your purchase helps put a Bundle of Books in the hands of Mom and baby.


We need your support to provide developmental building tools to increase vocabulary, improve readiness skills for the 1st day of school, and increase bonding time with mommy and baby.