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About Us

Who We Are

Bundle of Books was founded with two purposes, to increase vocabulary and improve readiness skills of children entering the first day of school.  These combined efforts with Mom and Mentor, increase the likelihood of achievement.

During my 30+ years experience as an educator and Library Media Specialist, I have observed many children beginning kindergarten lacking the necessary foundational skills needed to succeed in school. Bundle of Books was created to introduce literature to Mom and baby between 0 to 3 years old. As such, the concept of partnering Mom with a Mentor or “Stork” as supportive and nurturing can provide suggestive reading tips, resources (as needed), and answer questions that may arise during bonding/reading time with Mom and Baby.  

School Kids

Bundle of Books, Inc. NFP’s mission is to be an advocate in establishing a sound foundation in reading skills, and a visible resource of encouragement in helping parents advocate for their children, starting at birth!


How You Can Help!

We need your support to provide developmental building tools to increase vocabulary, improve readiness skills for the 1st day of school, and increase bonding time with mommy and baby.

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